Since its foundation in 2005, Alien Logistics has demonstrated unalterable development and an increase in core indicators both during periods of market growth and during the global financial crisis.

  • We strengthen financial stability

    • The company owns a 100% share of its capital. It ensures that internal sources of financing are the basis for the company's development.
    • International financial reporting standards are the basis for management accounting.
    • We cooperate with the world's leading cargo insurance companies.

  • We monitor and improve the quality of our services

    • The company regularly monitors both customer satisfaction and expectations from our services.
    • We strictly control the quality of our contractors' services; the company is constantly looking for new reliable partners.
    • The company uses the latest advantages of information technology to improve its customer service.
    • The company conducts regular external and internal audits of its quality management system and Environmental Resource Management (ISO).

  • We invest in the development

    • TELS's analytical department regularly examines the international cargo transportation market in detail.
    • The company opens new branches and departments to develop new directions for cargo transportation.

  • More than 5,000 TEU in management

    Trustworthy logistics operations control system

  • Complex logistics solutions

    A successful system of interaction with regulatory authorities

  • Personal terminal

    High speed of cargo-handling

  • 5 offices and representative agencies

    Control of nodal logistics centers

  • More than 10 years of experience in logistics

    Specialists with significant experience in main areas

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