Alien Logistics performs regular cargo transportation in containers by sea.
The network of sea routes operated by the company includes all crucial ports of the world. The total number of ports: More than 100 ports worldwide.

  • Sea container transportation

    Organizing a full scope of services for the transportation of containers by sea. By its cost-effectiveness in delivering large shipments of goods over long distances, sea transport is out of competition compared to other transport types. In addition, product delivery by water remains the only alternative to air transportation if there are no land routes between continents. We use all types of containers: universal large-capacity containers of 20 and 40 ft, refrigerated and tank containers, as well as specialized containers such as OPEN TOP, HARD TOP, and FLAT RACK.

    Reliable partnerships and direct agreements with agents of all major shipping companies allow us to offer the most effective solution for sea transportation.

  • Possibility of cargo consolidation

    Combining cargoes from different clients, working with the main LCL operators.

  • A full scope of related services

    Port forwarding, cargo reloading, off-port storage areas, and export from the port by all transport types.

  • All types of marine equipment

    In addition to standard shipping containers, we deliver using pallet-widers, refrigerated containers, open top, and flat rack containers.

  • Customs clearance

    The personal license of a customs representative, work with all customs types, registration under ATA Carnet.

  • More than 5,000 TEU in management

    Trustworthy logistics operations control system

  • Complex logistics solutions

    A successful system of interaction with regulatory authorities

  • Personal terminal

    High speed of cargo-handling

  • 5 offices and representative agencies

    Control of nodal logistics centers

  • More than 10 years of experience in logistics

    Specialists with significant experience in main areas

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