Alien Logistics acts as a formal contract holder with its customers' suppliers based on the provided information and specifications.
It's crucial for the quick passage of customs procedures at the border.

  • Technical import service

    The service implies the complete conduct of foreign economic activity by our company on your behalf on legal grounds. In other words, you can carry out any foreign economic operation without becoming a subject of foreign economic activity since the logistics company undertakes the execution of the entire transaction cycle following the terms of the agreement on your behalf. The technical importer service includes:

    • calculation of the contract value and the amount of customs payments at the client's request;
    • conclusion of a foreign trade contract on behalf of the customer;
    • payments in foreign currency related to the purchase of products;
    • transportation and insurance of cargo in transit (at the client's request);
    • obtaining import permits (certificates, declarations of conformity, certificate of state registration);
    • customs clearance;
    • registration of related documents;
    • transfer of products, accounting documents following Russian tax legislation, a detailed expense report, and a set of documents confirming expenses to the customer

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